Recent Publications

Combinatorial gene regulation by modulation of relative pulse timing. Nature 527, 54-58 (2015) Y. Lin, C.H. Sohn, C.K. Dalal, L. Cai, M.B. Elowitz

Whole-body tissue stabilization and selective extractions via tissue-hydrogel hybrids for high-resolution intact circuit mapping and phenotyping. Nature Protocols 10, 1860–1896 (2015) J.B. Treweek,K.Y.Chan,N.C. Flytzanis, B. Yang, B.E. Deverman, A. Greenbaum, A. Lignell, C. Xiao, L.Cai, M.S. Ladinsky,P.J. Bjorkman, C.C. Fowlkes, and V. Gradinaru.

Single-cell phenotyping within transparent intact tissue through whole-body clearing. Cell 158, 945 (2014) B. Yang, J.B. Treweek, R.J. Kulkarni, B.E. Deverman, C. Chen, E. Lubeck,S. Shah, L. Cai, and V. Gradinaru.

Dynamic Heterogeneity and DNA Methylation in Embryonic Stem Cells. Molecular Cell 55, 319 (2014) Z. S. Singer, J. Yong, J. Tischler, J. A. Hackett, A. Altinok, M. A. Surani, L. Cai, and M.B. Elowitz.

Single-cell in situ RNA profiling by sequential hybridization. Nature Methods 11, 360 (2014) E. Lubeck*, A. F. Coskun*, T. Zhiyentayev, M. Ahmad, and L. Cai

Turning single cells into microarrays by super-resolution barcoding. Briefings in Functional Genomics 12, 75 (2013) L. Cai

Single-cell systems biology by super-resolution imaging and combinatorial labeling. Nature Methods 9, 743 (2012) E. Lubeck and L. Cai

Previous Publications

Frequency-modulated nuclear localization bursts coordinate gene regulation. Nature 445, 485 (2008) L. Cai*, C. Dalal*, and M.E. Elowitz

A stochastic single-molecule event triggers phenotype switching of a bacterial cell. Science 322, 422 (2008) P. Choi*, L. Cai*, K. Frieda, and X.S. Xie

Studying stochastic protein expression in individual cells with single molecule sensitivity. Nature 440, 358 (2006) L.Cai*, N. Friedman*, and X.S. Xie

Linking stochastic dynamics to population distribution: an analytical framework of gene expression. Phys. Rev. Lett, 97, 168302 (2006) N. Friedman, L.Cai, and X.S. Xie

*denotes equal contribution



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